Friday, October 16, 2009

Silk Paper hat dyed with Eucalyptus bark

I have made a sunhat, based on the bushman's hat with corks bobbling to keep away the flies, using silk roving (sliver?) which I dyed using the lemon scented bark. I used all the different colours I obtained with the different mordants that I showed in a previous post. The spiders are to scare the flies away. The scarf was also died using the lemon scented eucalyptus dye.
The silk was laid out to make silk 'paper', also known as silk fusion. I used the instructions from Judith Pinnell's books and Silk Paper for Textile Artists by Sarah Lawrence. The two authors describe slightly different techniques but I mixed and matched them to suit me. I was quite happy with the outcome.


parlance said...

Does it have a lemon scent?

Mary said...

No Parlance, it doesn't have a lemon scent but it had a lovely smell while simmering. It was eucalyptus with a citrus tang - good for the sinuses. But the hat has no aroma that I can notice.