Friday, February 17, 2017

Still not white

I have washed my tapestry and it is definitely coloured. I rinsed and scrubbed it but didn't agitate it too much.

It doesn't look all that different, only that the mud and mould is off it (I hope).
Here it is, in the sink. Little bits of dirt have come off, not much colour into the water though.

So now I will let it hang to dry and then will have to make a decision about whether to put it in the challenge - it may smell a little like dirt.
The front
 And the corners have stayed curled, so I'll have to decide about how to finish it off.

The back. 

I quite like the different colours on the back too, so would like to have that visible. Not that it will be if it is attached to a wall or display board.

Maybe I had better reread the entry conditions and see what is ok and what is not.


Theregatha said...

absolutely LOVE it. Wonderful shading and colour Look forward to seeing final piece when it has dried

Mary said...

Thanks, it is very different from how it started and I think I am leaning towards putting it in the challenge exhibition. It won't be a fabulous piece but I will know the process. So that is the thinking at present. It will probably be different tomorrow!