Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Scrim and gesso, sample 3

For my third sample, I used Tyvek as well. I traced the pattern onto the Tyvek and sewed over the lines using the machine.
The book I am using as my inspiration, exploring creative surfaces, by Linda Monk, recommends that you pull threads out of the scrim to distress the fabric and give further texture. So I did that.

I also ironed Vliesofix to the scrim so I could attach the Tyvek.
I was using old, small pieces, so they didn't join together perfectly. 
Then I ironed the Tyvek to make it shrink. The sewing tends to inhibit the shrinking somewhat, and 'control' the shrinkage. You have to be careful because it appears that nothing much is happening and then the shrinkage is huge!

I then attached the scrim, which had the Tyvek attached too, to the adhesive interfacing.
I used gesso, watered down a little again.

Once again, I used the acrylic paints. As I am half-heartedly working on a fossil theme, I don't mind the muddy colours. Perhaps they are even opalised!

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