Sunday, February 5, 2017


Finished UFO!!!
I have had a panel lying around for years. I think I did it with Olga Walters, at the Patchwork House, when it was still in Church St, Hawthorn. I can't remember how long ago it was, just that it was quite a while. Maybe 10 - 15 years??

Anyway ...

I found the panel a while ago and decided not to put it away - it has kicked around for almost a year.

The Christmas, New Year and Summer holiday break has been a good time to play around with some ideas. And the weather has been fairly kind to us so far, unlike the rest of Australia.

I decided that I needed to play around with my new(ish) sewing machine and practise my free motion sewing. I even got out two little booklets that Dijanne Cevaal made which show many different free motion NOT stippling designs. Every now and then I get them out to have a play.
Those empty spots are mostly filled in now.

I did some more free motion work on the panel, having decided that I couldn't be bothered doing the whole thing with patterns I had started so long ago. So now it has little sections of different designs where I just played.

What to do with it now?
It is not as if it is gorgeous and should be on one of our walls.
I have been visiting a friend lately and taking my sewing machine. It has a lovely big perspex table to go with it, to help with the larger pieces of sewing. I have been taking it in a cardboard box which is a bit unwieldily.
The panel is exactly the right size for the box - well, it is because I had, with great forethought (or we did it for some reason that I don't remember), made the batting and backing much larger than the front. So I have been able to put a wider border on it than I would usually, and lo and behold, I have a bag for my perspex sewing table.

Now all I have to do is remember to take the legs with it when I take it with me. (I don't use it at home, I have a wonderful Horn table that fits my machine. I love my Horn table. I have had it for years and years and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.


mycamerandme365 said...

Can you add a pocket inside/outside for the legs?
It looks lovely and what a great idea for the panel!

theregatha said...

This is 'gorgeous' I love it and wish it was my very own art bag. Inspired to at least do a few tentative designs...

Mary said...

Thanks ladies,
I have thought about the pocket, may try to put one in. I have also only done a shoulder handle and may put in a couple of handles for my hands (strange that!). But I want to be able to put the big box in, so don't want to limit the access to the top of the bag. Will work on the idea - later. After all, it has taken 15 years (maybe) to get this far, I wouldn't want to rush finishing it.