Monday, February 20, 2017

Scrim and Gesso, sample 2

My second sample was not too different from the first.
I ironed the scrim to the adhesive interfacing, despite it tending to flatten the scrim.
If you do this, remember that scrim is very open weave and you need to cover it so your iron doesn't get all gooey.

I had a stamp that I had carved for another project and tried using it to make an impression in the gesso. The gesso was not very thick, so it left a faint image.
As the gesso attached itself to the stamp, I thought I might as well use that on the interfacing that did not have fabric attached.

It wasn't that impressive but did actually work better once I had painted it.
Once again, I used the leftover acrylic paints. I tried for a more uniform colour this time.

The advantage of this piece is that there is no sewing involved yet. It could be embellished later. 

It does take while to dry though, so I will have to see about using hair dryers, or similar. Our summer here in Melbourne is rather cool (I am NOT complaining) so we can't just let it dry quickly in the sun. 

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