Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I just could not not have texture!

I missed yet another interesting date last week, 4/12/16. And there is another coming soon, 8/12/16. But I am going to post today anyway, in case I forget tomorrow.

I have made my small white(ish) tapestry. I was going to practise even weaving, keeping my edges straight, etc. But I just couldn't bring myself to do that - I really like texture.

So I introduced some knobbly yarn I had. I don't know what it is made of, so my experiment is not going to be particularly scientific. But then, I am only doing for interest, not a real scientific enquiry.

And I was going along ok with the straight edges but then must have lost concentration for the last 3rd of the piece. It comes in on the right - always on the right.
Actually, the pulling in doesn't seem so bad in this picture, maybe I managed to pull it into shape a bit.

It is currently 'resting' on the loom, prior to being cut off tomorrow. Then I will put it under the mulberry tree, to be exposed to The Elements - including some fruit.

The plan is to leave it out in the open for a while and see what happens. We are currently having a fair bit of sun and warm weather. Then I will put it in the earth, in the compost heap. So that will be The Elements - sun/fire, earth, wind/air, water/rain (if we have any in the near future. Actually, it is supposed to be raining in a couple of days).

So  you can all look forward to some wonderful  pictures.


theregatha said...

I love the piece of weaving as it is! Texture has become one of my major facinations. I just had one of my warps "dusted" with the pollen from some lilies that were in a vase next to it,,, bright red blotches everywhere (not happy) Looking forward to seeing how the summer elements affect yours.

Mary said...

Those lillies give me a terrible headache, literally! And the pollen sure does dye whatever it touches. Hope you can work with it, maybe just hide it with the weft?