Thursday, December 29, 2016

Too Hot, Too Wet!

We are having hot and humid weather. It is very hard to be motivated to be creative.
It rained mightily today but we didn't have our usual 15 degree drop in temperature that we usually get with thunderstorms, it is just hot and humid.

I walked down the street to see the views of the city - there weren't any - well, not great views of the city. It was extremely misty, I suppose it is the humidity. Not something we are used to in our summers. However, we have had more and more humid weather over the last few year. Don't tell me the climate isn't changing.

Here are some views of the city tonight - and the mist rising from the trees. When I first got there, you could not see the city at all! Most unusual.

You can see some pictures from the same vantage point, that I have taken in previous years, here and here.

I also have some pictures of our tiny creek, not so tiny tonight after the huge amount of rain we had this afternoon.

I also took a photo of the hydrangea at the front door - usually I am taking photos because of it wilting g in the heat and then rejuvenating after being watered. Today I took photos because of it being beaten down by the rain.

I noticed, while I was searching previous posts, that we had a flood along Darebin Creek in 2011 and my photos were not all that different. And it was summer then too. 
I really don't like the humidity! I can go to Queensland for that, Melbourne should have dry heat. 

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