Monday, September 26, 2016

Still Learning

This will probably be ho hum for many, many people. But I have finally mounted one of my embroideries onto a canvas board thingy.

I did the embroidery a while ago, experimenting with hand sewn fabric collage. It was based on a picture I took while visiting some friends last year, in early autumn in Saugerties, upstate New York. Not quite a year ago, how time flies.

It has been on my pinboard, looking at me, telling me I should do something with it.

Finally I realised that I could buy a frame covered with canvas and maybe sew the piece onto it. It is about the right size.

So now it is painted with acrylic to mute the background, I have sewn it on and put on the D-hooks.
I am chuffed.

I keep making these little embroideries which are odd sizes, partly because they shrink and I never know how to get them exactly the size I want, partly because I don't think about that at all when I start, I am just having fun playing around. So I am going to have to learn to do some creative framing. Or start making traditional-frame-sized embroideries.

But this is a start.

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