Saturday, September 3, 2016

Contemporary Textile Exhibition Buda

I went to see the exhibition at Buda Historic Homestead during the week. As I had a piece in it, I was asked to sit the gallery for half a day.

It is set up in a lovely, airy room. All sorts of art was around me and I had a very relaxing time there.

This was my favourite piece, Rabbits, by Jo Maxwell.

My work had been mounted in a most creative way - I loved it. It was set in a freestanding frame and hung in the space inside the frame. You could see straight through the frame so my piece looked as if it was suspended in midair. I will have to think about doing something similar when I get it back.

The Slipstitch exhibition was also in Castlemaine, at the Art Gallery.
It was also very enjoyable to visit. Quite different from the Buda exhibition.

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