Thursday, April 7, 2016

Laura Edgar workshop

I have to post today, the date is so interesting - 8/4/16.

Fortunately, I have been to the Fibre Arts event at Ballarat, so I have something to say.

I attended Laura Edgar's workshop. It was based on seascapes, or so I thought. I don't know if I read it incorrectly or if other people just wanted to do landscapes, but some people did some wonderful scenes.
These images are from the exhibition on the final evening. A lot of them have minimal stitching on painted fabric. They have turned out beautifully.

I stuck with seascapes.
I also stuck with the image I have used before, for tapestry and for a small piece I did recently. I had thought to donate it for the raffle but have kept it as I want to develop more work based on the technique I used to make it. So it is still in my studio.

The work I did in Laura's workshop is rather different. We used a lot of synthetic fabrics, acrylic paints and much more hand sewing than I am used to. The hand sewing produces a different texture. I did do one piece using both machine and hand sewing and the machine definitely flattened the area I worked on.
Machine and hand sewn
The other pieces I produced are hand sewn and much more textural. It was lovely to sit for several hours a day and just sew - I doubt that I will do that at home. There is too much else for me to be doing.
Hand sewn

Hand sewn, some free motion sewing on dissolvable fabric to make small pieces to add as texture.

Laura did some demos of her technique and I can see that I will have to practise it a lot more. The painting of the background, or of fabric that may be overlaid, and perhaps burnt, needs more experimenting. She produces lots of stormy scenes. She says that is because she is from the north of England and the seas and skies are darker. From her work, I assume they rarely see the sun.

It was a very enjoyable week, relaxing and educational.


mycamerandme365 said...

I love the last sample that you've put up Mary, very evocative of the sea. It sounds as if you had a great time at Ballarat!

Mary said...

That was my favourite too. It is not very big but took ages - due to the hand sewing and the making of the little fiddly bits. But by then I was quite relaxed and ready to sit and sew and chat.
Laura is a lovely teacher, no pressure, lets you develop your own ideas but gives guidance when you ask for it.

mycamerandme365 said...

The best kind of tutor I reckon!