Saturday, April 16, 2016

AQC 2016

I had to go the AQC today, just in case something interferes with my plans to attend tomorrow - is that being too paranoid? (Now I don't need to go tomorrow.)

Anyway, I went today, which means I can post on 16/4/16; how could I resist??

There were so many beautiful quilts on display, I was almost overwhelmed. Fortunately, I decided to go and see the quilts before looking at the stands. Good decision. I only had a limited time to be there and it was nearly all taken up by the astonishing exhibitions.

Of course, I went to the floor talk for A Matter of Time. It was so exciting to see my work on display.
Brenda gave a very interesting talk about the exhibition. It was better than reading all the artist statements, which I had already done, as she added information about her choices about why pieces were included and how they related to one another. It was great to hear how she used the different quilts to carry a theme or colour idea through the whole exhibition.

Then there were several other small exhibitions from different groups. I was going to take photos and put them on this post but there are really good links already online so didn't bother. It was actually rather tricky to photograph some of them as, lovely as it is, the Exhibition Building does have windows up high that let in light and makes it hard to see some of the artworks clearly, especially for photography.

I did have a small piece in another of the smaller exhibitions: one by my online group of Aus/NZ Art Quilters. It is 10 years since the group began and that was the theme - 10 years with works of 10'"x 10" (yes, non-metric).

So here is a selection of photos from various parts of the AQC.
These ones were just as you walked in. I was going to vote for my favourite but the voting was only on the first two day - not really a problem as there were so many good ones.


mycamerandme365 said...

Your quilt looks wonderful on the wall Mary, and the colour scheme of the others beside it are just right. Congratulations!

marion said...

Looks like a beautiful array of quilts. I am m=amazed at the variety of design and colour quilters now use. congratulations on having your work in the exhibition also Mary.

Mary said...

Thanks ladies. It was great to see them all in reality. They are so much better than online.