Thursday, April 21, 2016

Using something I made for my textile and design course

As I posted a while ago, I made some pattern blocks as part of an assignment for my Studio Textiles and Design course. It is quite a few years since I did the course but I kept a few of the things (most, in fact) that I made, despite not really knowing how I might use them in real life.

I have been doing some Home Schooling with a couple of children recently and the Pattern Blocks have been most useful! As I thought when I made them, they make no noise when they fall.

But they are more useful than that, we have had lots of fun making images.  Here a few photos of what they have made.

Most of the images have been inspired by patterns outlined at this site. But using my pieces with the different patterns on each side has added an element of choice to the designs.

It is always great to see  a use for something you have made - despite me being adamant that textile art does NOT have to be functional.

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Janet Spink said...

I love these shapes Mary. good to see you are getting creative time.