Saturday, March 26, 2016

Almost too small again!

I thought I would try to make another small piece for the charity sale at the Fibre Arts week at Ballarat. This time I printed a photo out onto silk.

As there are two charities, one 10cm x10cm and one 15cm x 15 cm, I carefully worked out the sizes of the images in Photoshop. I even allowed an extra 2 centimetres for shrinkage.

I put the images onto one piece of silk twice as I didn't want to waste the pre-prepared silk. It works on the inkjet printer quite well - when you have enough ink. I did get one quite green print out as we only seemed to have yellow and blue. I thought I would use them anyway, just to see if I could work out a good way to stabilise the fabric, but that was when I realised the images don't translate from Photoshop to the printer all that well.

Not to be put off, I resized the images and worked out how to make them stay the right size for the printer - I can't actually remember what I did now, so will have to go through it all again next time I try this method. Maybe I used the A4 paper setting even though the silk is the US paper size. Something to think about later.
I printed the smaller one too close to the edge and the silk shredded a little when I took off the backing. 

After printing out the images, I ironed them onto adhesive interfacing. I hoped this would stop too much shrinkage and allow me to get away with not using a hoop.

It worked to some degree. One of the images was only 13cm. I have mounted it onto some matt board to make it the required 15 x 15cm.

The other was - just - the 10 x 10cm. We are not supposed to mount that one, so I hope it is sturdy enough.

The interfacing worked ok. It did wrinkle a bit but I ironed it from the back when I was finished and got out most of the wrinkles. It still needs some work but will be ok for the charity sales.


mycamerandme365 said...

They look lovely Mary, well done!

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at the breadth of skills you apply to textiles. These look great to my eyes! Pat

Mary said...

Thanks ladies,
I like to dabble. I get these creative urges to see how things are done. Then I move on. But I think I am gradually finding my medium(s) and have even thrown out some stuff (gasp!).

Janet Spink said...

This is beautiful as usual thank you Mary for sharing. Janet