Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Try again

I finished a piece for my interest group at the Embroiderers Guild today. We are working on a mystery photo. We have small sections of the photo to work on and one day it will be revealed to us all.

I have only had this piece lying around for about a year.
It is quite dark and I have not been inspired. Part of the reason is that we are supposed to make each piece an image in itself and I have not been able to see anything in it.

Recently, I asked a nephew if he could see anything in it. He saw the partial top of a crocodile's head - amazing.
I then worked on the image in Photoshop, making it lighter and to the size I wanted.

I printed it out onto some silk that will go through the inkjet printer. I backed it with some adhesive interfacing and I sewed it.

I forgot it would shrink - or I hoped it wouldn't. But it did. So it is too small.
Start again. Soon. Not now.

I am not sure it actually looks like a crocodile's head and it is lighter than the image, so I might play around with it a bit more. Maybe the misfortune will turn out to be fortunate.
But time is running short, I set myself a deadline of taking it to the group meeting on Sunday. I'll have to work on it in the next few days and not worry too much about being perfect, as long as it is the perfect size.

For those of you who can't see - it is lying on a log, floating in water.


theregatha said...

Looks great Mary I like the subtle change in textures. fits into the 'mystery' category really well

Mary said...

Thanks, i was reasonably happy with it, until I realised it isn't big enough. Sigh.

Vivien said...

It worked out well in the end, Mary! It looks great - and has inspired me for my piece that I need to work
I like your blog - a great idea.

Mary said...

Thanks Vivien, I hope the inspirations produces exciting work.