Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mindfulness - really?

I have noticed that there have been quite a lot of colouring for mindfulness publications lately. I even bought one for someone, thinking they would enjoy it - the feedback has been good.

I often have lunch with a friend at a bookstore in the city and noticed that they are having a mindfulness competition!  Isn't that a contradiction in terms???

There are already some entries up on the wall - they are quite lovely.

To add to the mindfulness theme, here is a link that I LOVED. You must see this. I especially liked the way the images fade in (but not out) in time with the words and music.



mycamerandme365 said...

I love the video Mary. Relax or you'll be exterminated!

Mary said...

Actually, I think your worries are supposed to be exterminated but maybe if they aren't it is you who is exterminated - then you'll have no more worries anyway.