Friday, June 5, 2015

Homework based on geometric shapes

As the header says, we have to come up with a design that is based on a geometric shape. I remembered doing something similar in my Studio Textiles and Design course at RMIT and went back to some of my visual diaries. I had never kept a visual diary before doing the course, and only seem to do them when I am actually required to do so. But going through past ones is always interesting, makes me think I 'should' keep visual diaries, and then I do nothing.

(Actually, I treat this blog as my visual diary but, having looked through the relevant year and not finding anything to do with the topic, I have realised that I have quite different things in both formats.)

Back to the topic. Because I found some designs that I had done, using tissue paper for collage, that were based on rectangles, I decided to use circles this time.

I did a paper collage, using the papers I had. I found that, once again, I went for the autumn tones. I rarely use cool colours.

I had been to an exhibition recently at which I saw some work by Ro Bruhn, and was inspired by a piece that she had done, using circles and then cutting the basic piece up into four pieces and mounting them slightly separated.  I decided to try this but, to save time and effort, I did it using Photoshop.

Then I made the fabric piece, based on the original design. So far, that is all I have done. My aim to to make another and cut it up, to see if it will work as a design in actuality, rather than in images.
Here is the fabric laid out as close to the paper collage as I could.
I had used some painted Vleisofix for the transparent layer but it wasn't very visible when ironed on.  I then used some yellow Angelina fibre that I had and laid that over the unsuccessful Vliesofix layer.  It is a bit more sparkly than I had intended but it is ok. 
Here is a rather dark photo of the piece after I have done some free motion sewing on it,  to anchor it down very securely. It is all on the circular shape at this stage, no other background.
My plan is to make another fabric one, as above, and cut it up to see how it works in that format.

I also aim to make some circular shapes using machine embroidery and layer them, to see if a similar design can be successful.  That is going to happen when someone gives me 'a round toit'.

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