Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cutting up the Collage

We have our class tomorrow so I thought I had better get on and finish the homework idea.
I had made a paper and fabric collage, today I made another fabric one, using the same design and the same stitch patterns.
Two almost the same.

I just wanted to see what it might look like cut up but didn't want to cut up my original in case it didn't work, like the one I did previously.

It has turned out ok, I just cut it into 4 relatively equal parts - the circle wasn't exact so I couldn't manage a symmetrical cut.

It's pretty obvious, to me, that the semi-circles are not the same size, I will have to think about how to deal with that. 

I had 4 little canvas thingies and have stuck the cut pieces to them so that I can rearrange the design  to get the layout I like best - maybe I'll ask for advice tomorrow. The sewn parts are only attached using double-sided tape at the moment, while I think of what I could possibly do with it all. Members of the class have lots of good ideas, some I would never have thought of, some I will never use, but often some that resonate with me too. They may be able to suggest ways to disguise the imperfect circle.


marion said...

absolutely gorgeous, I am imagining ancient leadlight windows with the sun streaming through. look forward to seeing the embellished pieces - I wonder what they will evoke.....

Mary said...

Thanks Marion,
I don't know if I will do much more with them, I will have to give it a lot more thought. But it is good to be trying different things, seeing what develops.