Thursday, February 12, 2015

More colour homework.

Today I reverted back to my earlier days - I used very old paper I had kept from my teaching days, I looked up a site on tessellating fish patterns and came across a very simple pattern.  Some people are very generous with what they provide free.

Then I cut and pasted - physically. Once again, too many options came up immediately. So I have limited myself to just a couple of possibilities.

When I look at these two options, I see that I haven't really played around all that much with cool and warm, it looks more about intensity to me. Oh well, not to worry.

I did do some others but there is only so much that I am willing to put onto this site.

I also realised that if I did tessellation, there wouldn't be much chance to change the surrounding colours to warm and cool. Then I had the bright idea of cutting out the overall shape and laying then on different colours.

The orange and blue ones. 

 The pink and blue ones. 

I do see some receding and coming forward but the more noticeable thing for me is how some of the colours seem to have changed.  I took all the photos with the same camera, one after the other, so there shouldn't be to many variables coming into play. 

For those of you who can't see the fish, they are made of an on-point square with a half square (triangle) beside it. The top and bottom fish point out and the middle fish point in. I thought about drawing eyes but decided against it. 
Actually, I just noticed (when I squinted) that the orange and pink fish are swimming to the left and the blue to the right.

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