Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Colour exercise continued

I developed my fish design a little more - drew another one actually. I decided it was just too fussy to try to do tessellating shapes - that can be for a later date.

Then I scanned it so I could play around in Photoshop. I am not sure if I am being lazy or not. I find I like using Photoshop and haven't done any actual colouring using pencils (or other preferred method of colouring).

The aim of the exercise is to fill the pattern with warm and cool colours and see what happens.
What happens? There are too many variables to actually be able to keep track of what you are doing, that's what!

There are so many possibilities!! 

I have just done a few so far, all on the computer. I have copied my design and printed it out so that I can use pencils or paint, I just have to find the time. And then decide what variations I want to do.
I tried to keep the colours to similar intensities so that the only thing changing was the warmth and coolness. Varying the intensity of the colours will make even more variations possible. Too overwhelming.

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