Friday, February 20, 2015

Looking more closely at colour in the local environment

As the days are getting warm but the mornings are still nice and cool, I have been taking our dog out in the mornings lately.
We have been talking about colour in our course and part of our homework is to use a leaf shape in a design. We have also been talking about complementary colours.
Today I couldn't help seeing little bits of red in with all the green leaves.
The sun through the mist was gorgeous. 

Note the reddish branches. 

It was a rather humid morning today and that made the smell of the eucalyptus trees quite strong, something I love.


theregatha said...

Your photos are beautiful Mary. Thank you for sharing this insight, I will definitely look a little closer at the bushland next time I am down on the river

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, it is one of the advantages of having a dog - having to take her out every day. And living in Melbourne is wonderful, there are so many places we can go, many of them off-lead.