Saturday, February 14, 2015

Forced progress

I have made some progress with my small tapestry recently - mainly because we are having some floors polished and there is nowhere much to be in the house. My studio is being done and most of my stuff is inaccessible at the moment.
The floor job had a few little complications that have made it take longer than expected, more time to be weaving (said in my PollyAnna voice).

It is a while since I started it, I lost the original images I was using for it and I am feeling rather tired. So when something doesn't quite match the cartoon, I look closely(ish) and decide if it matters.

Nothing much matters at the moment, it is going to be rather different from how I envisaged it - I'll call it abstract.

I take the pictures to convince myself that I did achieve something that day. Today had a lot of picking out, so I was pleased to see some progress.

I have about a week in which to finish it, here's hoping I can be motivated.


mycamerandme365 said...

There's definitely progress Mary and it's looking good!

theregatha said...

This looks great Mary. I am having awful trouble with what you call "picking out" I think. I have small areas of leaves and sky interlocking, but mine seems to become very bulky and ribbed. What is the secret for keeping it all so uniform, are you stitching as you go?

Mary said...

theregatha, I have had this problem in the past too. This time I am experimenting with cutting each piece of colour off as I go. In the past this meant lots of threads in the back, I don't know how that will go this time as it is still on the loom.
I am also avoiding sewing as I go by just interlocking the colours and not bothering to sew. I hate sewing, especially for so many and such little bits.
There is also a ridge down the middle where I have a row of grey (it recedes a bit in the photos) and I am trying to overcome that by the interlocking technique.
I remember someone once telling me to pull the sides tightly when interlocking areas side by side so that there won't be so much bulk. It feels wrong as we are taught not to pull tightly but I think it is working ok.

Anonymous said...

Great weaving Mary! Best wishes for getting it done by the end of the month.... Pat

Mary said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies, I hope I get it done.