Sunday, December 21, 2014

Using Colour and Tone to reflect mood

As I said previously, I am playing around with some ideas for the design class. We have quite a break till February, it being the summer holidays. I am a bit worried that the time will rush past as it tends to do in summer and I won't have done anything. So I am taking lots of photos to inspire me. My stuff is all still in boxes, waiting for the renovations to be completed, which doesn't look like happening any time soon - factories and suppliers have a tendency to shut down for several weeks at this time of the year. Oh well.

I have thought about doing some pieces around the idea of My Place (which is the theme for the tapestry challenge) and have been taking photos. I have noticed that the season impacts greatly on the colours. So that is provoking some ideas.

For instance, there are some amazing skies that I could use - so far all I have done is take photos and think about it. But the colours and tones will be different. Not sure they will reflect mood, as such, but it might do the job. And I can play around with idea using the computer, not have to worry yet about HOW I am going to do it, or with what technique. Or where the materials actually are.

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