Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Christmas Table Again

I went back to the Abbotsford Convent for a floor talk being given to our local tapestry group. It was very interesting, to hear the design process as well as the inspiration.

It was also good to see the members of our group just before Christmas. We didn't have our usual meeting this month as the 4th Saturday will be just after Christmas and the guild rooms will not be open. And we won't be meeting in January as that will coincide with the Australia Day weekend. So this was a good chance to catch up.

I had hoped to see the mannequins in the chapel area again but the chapel is shut on the weekend. I heard that they had been turned around. My images show them going into the chapel and, apparently, they are now leaving the chapel.

The fabric is photographs collaged and then digitaly printed. They are gorgeous. Each mannequin represents different stages of the history of the convent area, from the intial Wurundjeri tribal area to the present day artist precinct.
Apparently they were in an earlier event (Feminine Fortitude) and have been temporarily relocated to the chapel.

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