Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Looking around me

One of the things that is supposed to be coming out of our design course is that we are being encouraged to LOOK.
I have been trying, especially as I haven't been DOING very much.
I have several things to look for:

  • reflections - after doing the Alison Holt course (there are some wonderful, inspiring images on her gallery pages).
  • three designs that reflect mood (or similar) using colour and tone
  • My Place - for the tapestry challenge
So I have been taking photos, mostly when out walking with the dog (thank heavens we have a dog, I don't think I would go out nearly as much).

Here are some images that I might develop further - who knows?

Walking at Willsmere Park this week, early because it was going to be too hot to take the dog out later.

Obviously, these are on the Reflections theme. 
i don't know how I would do them but they are lovely images. And I can feel like I am doing some work even if it is just the thinking stages. 
This seems to be enough images for today, I may post about the other two topics in the next few days. 

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