Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quilt exhibition at Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

I have been wanting to visit the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens for quite a while now but have never had the oomph to travel that far. (It's not really that far, it is just that you have to put aside a good part of the day to get there, enjoy the visit and then come home again.)
Today was the day. I had heard that there was a quilt exhibition, using some of the Australian quilting fabrics designed by Leesa Chandler.

The pictures below are of a painted parrot, by Helen Goddard, that was then free motion machine embroidered. It made me keen to keep doing my doodling! If only I could paint like that too.

There was a great variety of quilt techniques and I felt quite inspired to try some of them - at some stage. I am currently looking for some inspiration to get me going again. 

The gardens are wonderful too - and it was a nice cool day that made wandering around a pleasure. I took scads of photos of flowers and leaves in the hopes that I will be able to use them to come up with some designs.


mycamerandme365 said...

I recognise Eileen Campbell's pelicans here. Still a lovely piece after all these years!

Mary said...

Yes, I had seen it before, and some others, but, as you say, it is still stunning.