Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Applique Quilt exhibition.

While I was up Kyneton way on the weekend, I ventured further to Castlemaine, to a quilt exhibition that a friend was going to. It was put on by the Castlemaine Applique Quilt group.

We had a lovely time together.  The exhibition was of quilts that had some appliqué on them. Many of them had a LOT of intricate appliqué but there were others that were a combination of piecing and appliqué.
You could go in a raffle to win this one - it was amazing!
Most were hand done, a very few sewn by machine. Quite a few were professionally machine quilted - well worth the money too.
Merryn Menjivar

Sue Jones
These two made me keen to get back to my doodling, to see if I could come up with some good free motion patterns.

Very few of the quilts were small - quite a few were HUGE.

Vanda Bowers

One made me laugh, the maker commented that she started off making a small quilt  and then she would add to it, trying out new patterns and ideas. It was suitable for a big double (if not king-size) bed. (I don't have a photo of that one but it wasn't small!)

Sue Jones - I think!

There was some interesting use of patterned fabric too, including Broderie  Perse techniques. 
I loved the look of them all.  It is great to be able to enjoy a skill that you have absolutely no patience for doing yourself, so you don't spend all your time working out how it was done, how you would do it, etc. It is sooo not my thing to do. But they were beautiful.

Joanne Lawrence

This one included some kaleidoscope fussy cutting too. 

I was also inspired by some that had quite dark backgrounds, or relatively busy backgrounds, but worked well.

Meghan Leslie

Deb King

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