Thursday, March 6, 2014

Using plants as inspiration

When we visited the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens, we saw lots of native Australian plants.
One thing that struck me was how some of the trees reminded me of the Grug books.  I have never been so forcibly struck by the imagery of the books and the actual trees.  I'll have to go and find some of the books and have another look. I always loved reading them to my classes, they were cute and quirky stories.
Apparently, the character is based on a burrawang tree

but I have always associated him with these sorts of trees (I don't know what they are, I will have to do some homework).  These are the ones that brought the books to mind so strongly.

Anyway, it was a good reminder that a creative person can use anything as inspiration for some great ideas.

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Mary said...

I have now done some very basic research and the last shot is of grass trees.