Friday, February 28, 2014

Small part of larger picture

The machine embroidery group at the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria has a challenge at the moment.  It is a fairly long-term challenge and I have eventually done a small piece for it.  You can choose an image, that is approx 20cm x 18.5cm, and you are supposed to interpret that to make a stand-alone piece.  It is part of a larger image but we haven't seen the larger one, so don't know what we are making.
My piece looked like a face, or an animal's face, looking up to rainclouds.  Well, that's how I saw it.

My work hasn't quite turned out how I wanted but I will still take it to the group this weekend and see what they say.

The cloudy sky on mine is not really dark, I hope it doesn't matter in the overall finished piece.  I am hoping that the it will be one of the illusion-like images where you can see the overall design if you stand away from it.

You can see some of the sorts of things (that I think we are making) here and here and you can even see how it can be done here.

Interesting date today - 28/2/14. (28/2=14 (I can't find the division sign))


theregatha said...

wow that's amazing. To me it looks like the wing of a bird. Cant wait to find out what it looks like with other pieces.

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, I don't know when it will be put together, possibly the end of this year. I think it will have been going two years by then. I hadn't seen the bird wing but now that's all I see!