Sunday, February 23, 2014

White Night

Last night we ventured into the city to partake of some of the events, and sample the feel of the crowd, at White Night in Melbourne.
We met up with some people at 7.00 but quickly realised that a group was going to have little chance of staying together in such a huge mob.

So we wandered off by ourselves.  It was still light so we headed to the NGV, following some of the crowd.

The Edward Steichen exhibition was free.  As I had seen it before, and as it was reasonably busy, we didn't spend a lot of time there but still enjoyed it greatly.  It is a wonderful exhibition.
Then we had a wander in the garden outside, as well as a brief walk through the Great Hall.  There were events and people everywhere.

By the time we had finished there, it was dark.
Tattooed City - on walls of NGV

Off we trotted - not very far! - to see some more of of the lighting displays.

It was SO crowded at the intersection of Flinders St and Swanston St that we couldn't get to the buildings beside St Paul's cathedral.
We headed the other way and saw the Flinders St station show (Wonderland)
Flinders St station 

Changing images

Mirror at tram stop

 as well as going along the river to see the Vortex.
Before Dark

After Dark 

Inside the Vortex

By this time we were done in - and the crowds were still growing.  So, having covered very little ground but also having seen plenty, we went home.

Front of  station - there were so many people  coming out we couldn't get back in!  We ended up going in another entrance.


mycamerandme365 said...

Great photos Mary!

Mary said...

Thanks, it was a bit of a challenge to take them in the dark but I got some good ones.

parlance said...

To me the highlight of the night was that nearly a million people could all crowd together to have fun.

Mary said...

Actually, I think it was only half a million. It was good and bad - great atmosphere, lots of happy people -LOTS of people. A bit scary at times. But also lots to see. Must do some homework next year and work out the things that I would like to see, other than the lit up buildings.