Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Changing Seasons

I got my first clue that Autumn is approaching on Monday. I was on the train and there was someone knitting - that used to always be a sign for me, more and more people knitting and crocheting on public transport. It is not such a common sight anymore but you do still see some people doing it.

Then I took the dog out today and saw a cricket match on the oval with football practice right beside it. It won't be long before the football training will be on the oval.
You will have to click on the picture to see the people, I was trying to get unrecognisable pictures of people and the phone doesn't take great shots.

I took photos of the patterns produced by the mowers there late last year.

Here is the link to a photo of Penny, last December, lying in the midst of the dandelions.  I was standing in much the same place to take the top photo.
Here she is, in the same spot.

The dandelions are among the few things that have survived the summer in that spot.  But they are still valiantly producing their seeds and seem to have avoided the mower. So maybe I'll be able to do more dyeing next year.

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