Saturday, September 7, 2013

Waiting, waiting

It is election day today and it feels as if everything is on hold till we hear the results.
To fill in some of the time, I walked at Yarra Bend again.  There is a tree near the carpark that has a big fungus near the ground.  It often looks a lot like an elephant's foot but today it had a beautiful bright green rim on it.

I tried for a few close-ups, they didn't turn out that well but they are still interesting.  I couldn't get a good image of the velvety texture of the brown part but these give an indication.

Further along, I was taking pictures of the different colours and patterns in the bark.  Then I noticed the face.  Well, I think it is a face, or someone wearing a mask. In fact, it is almost the whole head and looks 3D-ish. 

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