Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Renovating our glasshouse

We are having our glasshouse repaired and there is some gorgeous lichen on the panes.
As you can see, the panes of glass have been stacked and so there is a lovely depth image.

I have made the images bigger than I usually do so that people can get a really good look by clicking on them. And yes, you may use them if you like.  (We have just done an assignment on copyright for my course).  Attribution would be nice though.

I thought I would look up dyeing with lichen and have come across some interesting sites.
This one made me think I need to know more - it talks about fermenting the lichen, something I haven't heard of before.  Not that I have done much research.
Another interesting blog but not the info I wanted.
More interesting info. A bit more for ideas on how to use the lichen, and that it can be stored for a while, while I make up my mind what to do with it.
Some information about dyeing with lichens in Australia.
This might be what is on the glass - but no, I think this is more like it. Or this? Or this? Oh dear, more research needed!!
I have looked up India Flint's Eco Colour but she only gives passing reference to lichen dyeing as it is not ecologically sound. The plants take too long to grow, may be rare and synthetic dyes will do the same job.
This could be the one I photographed at Rosanna recently, on the back of a seat. (By the way, that post was about the wintry weather we had - for a few, very few, days - it is very warm and springlike at the moment.  We had the warmest winter on record this year.)


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of coral!

Mary said...

Stuart, I hadn't thought that but I see it now. I think it might be more obvious in these pics because of the other panes of glass - they look a bit like murky water and you get a sense of depth.