Monday, September 2, 2013

Teaching wet felting to grade 3 and 4 students - part 4

Well, it all went well, I think.  Some children still had to do the wet part of the felting as they had missed a couple of lessons.  But the rest were given a choice of sewing on their now-dry felt to enhance the image or to make some of the felt beads.  Most chose the ball-making but some worked with the art teacher to do the sewing.  It is so much easier with two adults!

The bead making went reasonably well, especially as it was the first go for them all.  Some made very precise, solid balls (beads) while others made multiple balls that were not as good but were still ok.
I demonstrated making the cord for threading the beads but we ran out of time, looks like I will have to go next week again.
It was interesting to see how different sorts of wool behaved differently.  It was really obvious, some of it had quite short staples and others were much longer.  Some was a bit curly and other wool was not.  It was a good chance to talk about different sheep breeds and how the wool can be used for different purposes.
One child had even gone home and tried felting her dog's fur!  She didn't bring it to show, maybe she can bring it next week.  She did say it was smelly.

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