Monday, January 7, 2013

Using the sample

I couldn't just let the sample lie around.  It was roughly square so I trimmed it and used the piece of fabric I had dyed with it and made a cushion cover.  I had planned to use the sample, that's why I did the extra bit.  But I had forgotten to make the back piece large enough for a clever cover that you could get the cushion in and out of easily.  So it is just sewn in.
The dye I used was called Brown Rose but looks rather like the mulberry dyeing I have been doing.  I seem to be on a roll with this colour at the moment. I am collecting the hollyhock flower heads as they fall off and they are a similar colour too.

Now to experiment some more, move on to exercise 2. It involves using pale coloured pre-dyed fabrics.  I have a really good scraps collection so might trawl through them to see if I can find enough to try for a sample piece.  I am going to play around with log cabin or strip piecing, it will depend a little on the pieces I decide to use.  Some of my scraps are rather small.  I tend to keep things when I should really throw them away, so I am hoping that this time I can actually use some.

We are lucky here in Melbourne, the weather is being variable and we are getting relief from the extreme heat, unlike other parts of the country.  I can contemplate actually doing some more experimenting and enjoying the lazy summer days.

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Mary said...

Hi Misha,
I clicked your comment and it is on my dashboard but hasn't appeared on the blog. Very mysterious.
It isn't that I have a lot of energy, it is that i have not had a lot to do in the Christmas/New Year period - apart from clean up and I didn't want to do that. So I am making more mess and playing around with stuff.
I am also getting up earlier than I am used to, to take the dog out before it gets too hot and so I feel like nanna napping quite often. I do the playing around to keep awake!
I hope your new year is good and productive. Good luck with the new year of study.