Sunday, January 20, 2013

The hollyhocks keep on flowering

I have continued to pick up discarded flowers from the hollyhock and now have quite a collection.  I am going to have to use them soon, they are taking up too much room in our freezer.  So far, I have only collected and frozen them.  I need to get inspired to dye again.

The flowers change colour as they dry up, I am wondering if that will affect the dyeing, if I can try for some contact prints, or variegated dying. I'll have to do some research, and re-reading, before I get going again.

It is the season of insects and flowers, so I am having some fun practising with my new camera.

Neither of these have been manipulated with photo programs, it was just the flower and the time of day. The bee was so busy fertilising the hollyhocks that I could get up quite close and it wasn't bothered.

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