Thursday, January 17, 2013

Traffic Building

A group I belong to has come up with a theme for us to design a tapestry for.  Building.
I have had ideas sloshing around in my brain for ages, nothing much coming from them though.
I took our dog out earlyish this morning, in an attempt to beat the heat.
One of our favourite places is Yarra Bend park, a dog friendly park that is kept well mown so you can see where you are going and can, hopefully, avoid the snakes. And the dogs can swim in the river.
So we were sauntering along (well I was, Penny was busy investigating all the interesting smells) and I looked at the freeway - the traffic was building.  People are returning from their summer holidays and the traffic is noticeably heavier each day lately.
And I had an idea for the theme - traffic building.
Approximately 8.00am

10 minutes later, looking towards the city

Looking away from the city
 We walked over the freeway and the traffic got heavier even as we walked.  Down at the river, all was peaceful.

On our return, the traffic was much heavier.  It is still holiday season and the traffic will only get heavier.  I am so glad I don't have to drive in this sort of traffic very often.

8.40am, looking towards the city

Looking away from the city

Unfortunately, I don't think it would make a good image.  Oh well, keep thinking, something will come to me.


Michelle said...

You could use that concept!

It reminds me of Susan Maffei's tapestry of the crowded cinema with lots of tiny people on their seats, and the big screen at the top of the image. Of course, I can't find it on the net right now - but it was on their Tapestry DVD. You could do the cars as tiny little repeated patterns, with the landscape as the dominant 'force'.

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, I'll look her up. I agree with you, it should be a useable idea, maybe I need to take more pictures or (gasp) try drawing a design. I tend to rely on my photos, so a drawing rarely occurs to me.
When I was studying our course, one of the students did a large (for the course) tapestry of worshippers at Mecca. It was a fabulous image but not one I'd want to be weaving, it was very intricate. But she did a great job of it. This makes me think of that sort of image, lots of little bits of detail, lots of individual items all crushed together.