Sunday, January 23, 2011

ATASDA meeting & Dijanne Cevaal

Today I attended the Victoria ATASDA group's (we're not a branch yet) meeting.  The guest speaker was Dijanne Cevaal who was very interesting.  She talked about her recent residency in France and showed us her book about using Lutradur.  Unfortunately it is only in French but she has DVDs available in English on her blog.  As I understand it, they are mostly the pictures and not in the same layout as the book.

Her work was beautiful and inspiring. She is certainly not afraid of strong colours.

She showed us some of her work for her Master's degree exhibition and explained the personal history that inspired it. It used silk that she had dyed, stamped or painted, cut out and then sandwiched between two layers of tulle.  She had also attached some silk to the edges of some.  Absolutely stunning.

So now I might actually get out some of the Lutradur that I have bought in the past and have yet to use.  I have read articles and books about it but haven't quite been able to visualise what to do.  Now I have seen examples that show how wonderful this product can be.  I think I am a person who has to be shown physical examples of things, not just read about them, to be inspired.  That probably explains all the classes I have done in the past.  I love being shown techniques and then thinking about how I could use them.

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parlance said...

Those colors are fabulous.