Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer in Australia

Well, I am sitting here enjoying the cool summer days we are having at present although it has been muggy today, not something we are used to here in Melbourne.  Then I turn on the news and hear about the devastating floods in Queensland and New South Wales and the bushfires in Western Australia and think about how lucky we are here at the moment.

We seem to be coming out of our drought, we have lush gardens (that didn't like the couple of hot days we had recently) and it is raining intermittently.  Wonderful. Hope it lasts.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday afternoon, of storm clouds over the city.  Bring on the rain, I thought, but then all I heard was flood warnings for parts of Victoria too.

Here are pictures looking down into Darebin Parklands from the same vantage spot I used two years ago.  Much greener now.

Here are two from March 2009, one with the city almost obscured by the smoke of bushfires.

Now I am just hoping for moderate weather, without all the disasters that are happening in other parts of Australia.  The size of the floods, and the devastation, are just so hard to comprehend.  

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