Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

Happy New Year!
I just had to post today, the date is 1/1/11.  I just love these special dates.
Anyway, I took Penny out in the yard tonight for her nightly check on the possums and nearly walked into the web that the golden orb spider builds every night.  Usually it is beside the path but tonight it was right across it.  And it is rather large!
So I rushed in and got the camera and tripod.  I had to try to remember my night shoot techniques - after my two lessons, several years apart and about a year ago since the last one.  So the photos are not great but I did get some.

The web is about a metre across, not something I wanted to walk into.  It was near the bottom of the steps but, fortunately, I saw it just as I was about to walk into it.  The spider was at eye height. There could have been loud screams.

We tried a yellow torch which did not work as well as the white light torch.

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