Friday, December 3, 2010

Said Hanrahan

Can't help thinking of the poem from our school days when I think about the weather we have had and are having. So appropriate, especially at this time of year and in terms of recent years.
I mentioned it to someone recently and it appears that the younger generations don't know about it, what a shame.  All those poems and stories from our childhood not taught anymore.

Warringal Park in the 2009

Darebin Parklands 2009

Darebin Creek
Darebin Creek 

 I used to walk regularly down at Darebin Parklands with our dog.  Since she has had cruciate ligament surgery, we have been down there less often.  But it has changed to a green park lately.  Amazing difference.


parlance said...

Thanks for the poem, Mary. I'd been thinking about it lately and hadn't remembered that it ended with the prediction of bushfires. I'd better stop saying that!

Mary said...

I hadn't actually realised that - but I have been reminiscing about 1982/3 and the wet spring followed by a hot, dry summer and Ash Wednesday fires! I had better stop too or I'll be as bad as Hanrahan.