Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sort of finished my en plein air piece

As the header says, my en plein air piece is sort of finished.  I have hitched off and sewn down the ends.  But it is 1cm wider in the middle than the two ends, so I am going to have to think about how to make it more regular.  I had thought I might have been able to avoid the problem if I had used less wool on the single warp wraps but Cresside says I probably should just have done it more tightly.  There are a lot of colour changes in that part of the weaving also, which will have contributed to the bulge.
11cm x 12 (13) cm

Whatever the reason it happened, I now have to try to make it more rectangular.  I might try the steam blocking that we learnt earlier in the year or I might just try to wiggle it in when I put a backing on.  Not to worry, it is my first attempt and I learn from my mistakes - I hope.  I could always try mounting it behind a window mount and hide the edges.


parlance said...

Are you going to post a picture of it when you fix the bulge?

Mary said...

parlance, I have had a go at blocking it and it is much better. I haven't quite got is perfectly rectangular but don't think I am going to worry about it. I may post about it soon, not sure yet.