Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Doldrums

I think I have end-of-year-itis.  I used to feel this way when the teaching year ended just before Christmas.  I thought it was because of the short time between finishing off the teaching year (and all the work that entails) and Christmas (and all the work that entails) but now I realise that it is also the ending of having a regular, scheduled timetable.  I am finding it really hard to get going.

I did do a little bit of my en plein air tapestry last week and had hoped to do more this week but have done very little. Thank goodness Cresside has asked us to show her the finished piece next week - I have a deadline to work to.
The needles are there to help me correct the bulging.
They also show the relative size of the work - small.

I still have a bit to do and the pictures I took do not match my recollection all that closely.  I also have two pictures, taken on the two days and they are not very similar.  I think I must have had my camera on different settings.  They are not much help with the colours.  Not that it is a big issue,  I only have so many greens in my collection of wools and am having trouble getting the differentiation I want without going too dark.

The weather is not helping!  Warm and humid nights, warm and humid days.  We are not used to the humidity here in Melbourne.  The garden is amazing - the rains and warm weather have caused GROWTH.  I spent a couple of hours weeding today and barely made a dent in the garden.

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parlance said...

Well, when all's said and done, who wants to walk around on dents?