Tuesday, December 21, 2010

O'Shannesy Aqueduct Trail

I have been at Warburton for the last couple of days - no need to worry about the fire danger at present.  It rained most of the time we were there.  We went up Mt Donna Buang to a spring water spot to fill up a container and it was 7 degrees and the clouds were coming in.  We were starting to get worried about snow - apparently it did snow on Mt Buller.  Not the sort of weather you are expecting a few days before Christmas.  It was warmer at the base of the mountain, 15 degrees.  Still not what you expect in early summer.  I loved it, I am NOT a fan of hot weather.
We saw a couple of lyre birds on the way down the mountain - very exciting.

Today we managed to get out for a walk.  We went along part of the O'Shannesy Aqueduct Trail.  We started at Millgrove and walked for an hour or so.  It was our dog's first time at Warburton since her cruciate ligament operation, so we were very excited to be there. This walk is a fabulous one - lots of magnificent scenery, a flat walk that is well maintained and plenty of birds to see.

I took a lot of photos to show my en plein air tapestry friends that it might be a good place to work.  There are wonderful panoramas, the forest surrounding the walk is wonderful. I found that I wanted to take photos all the time (I did take 60!) but everything is so big that it is hard to get it into the shot or to show the relative size.  So now I have quite a lot of photos that do not do the place justice.

Finally, a person to show some proportion of the size of the plants.

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