Friday, December 4, 2009

Flowers associated with Christmas

I have told myself that I should try to post at least once a week - not that it really matters. So, as I have not been doing much this last week, at least in a textile way, I have been taking some photos for future possible use.

One of the things that I love at this time of the year, with Christmas approaching, is the hydrangeas. To me, they are the Christmas flowers. They start to bloom and change colour and are so pretty and cheerful. The ones at our front door are ranging from pink to purple.

There are lots of poinsettias in the florists' shops but, for me, hydrangeas are the Christmas - and summer holiday - flower.


theregatha said...

I love these flowers too. I especially love the way some people entwine small fairy roses through the hydrangeas as a posy.

Mary said...

Theregatha, I love the way they can be different colours. They even change over time in the one pot. Currently, out flowers are deepening in colour.

theregatha said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I actually raided a friends garden and took lots of cuttings after seeing your pictures. Then a spot of weeding, a bit of digging and phew 3 days later .......Hopefully by next year I will have a roit of colour at my front door as well.

Mary said...

Theregatha, I hope they grow well and survive the summer. They are very susceptible to dry conditions, but they show they are thirsty and then make seemingly miraculous recoveries when you water them! The ones in the pot have to be watered more frequently as pots are not that good for plants in summer.