Monday, November 30, 2009

Reading Girl with Hat

As part of one of our assignments, for Experimental Textiles, we had to make some head pieces or hats. One had to be wearable and one not. As I experimented, I made a hat for a statue that is in our garden, the Reading Girl. She fits right in as we are a reading family.

I made that hat with Zart Paper Magiclay, a wonderful new product, for me at least, that you mould and let dry and it sets hard. It is very light too. I left it white and put
Angelina Fibre and a feather on it to decorate it.

I decided this week that she belonged in the garden, not the glasshouse, so I put her out.

Thunderstorms and a, wonderfully welcome, heavy downpour later, and she looks a little bedraggled. But I can call it ephemeral art and then I don't need to stress that it is falling apart.


theregatha said...

She is so gorgeous! This is a wonderful example of the importance of 'slip, slop, slap'in our Aussie summers. The down pour was an unexpected pleasure, but one of the real tribulations we live with. The ability to let our work evolve, as in relegated to ephemeral, is possibly the most important aspect of developing our craft.

Mary said...

Thanks, I am thinking of going back out now that we have had days of sunshine, and seeing if the feather can be revived, then she may not look so bedraggled. But I am not going to worry if it is not possible. It is hard, when you are learning and experimenting, to not worry about mistakes and just let things go.
I have been learning not to throw everything out as so much can be reused to produce a different piece, but I think the hat is not one of those things.