Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RMIT textile graduate student exhibition

My friend and I went to the RMIT Studio Textiles and Design graduate exhibition today - ASKEW. It was in Shed 4 at the Docklands. We caught the train and followed the directions that I had looked up on the online Journey Planner and it had mentioned Collins St, so we set off happily. After 45 minutes of walking around and asking people for assistance (none of whom could help us, despite good intentions), we stumbled upon the shed. We had gone in a big circle and had not needed to walk that far at all.
It was all worth it.
The students had done some fabulous work, using weave, tapestry, screen printing and knit. Some had mixed the different skills to produce experimental pieces also.
There were sculptures, furniture, shoes (the shoe making group, not part of the course I am studying), furniture, large pieces of fabric, drawings, clothes - I can't actually list all the things that they had made. Very high quality pieces.
I am starting second year next year, part time, and it is both inspiring and daunting to see the quality of work that we may be expected to live up to.
Congratulations to all the graduating students.
Unfortunately I do not have any images to show here but there was a really interesting catalogue of all the students and some of their work, so I can look at it at my leisure. (I'm alright Jack!)
It seems a shame that such a good exhibition, showcasing so much work, is only on for 3 days, but that's the way it is.


parlance said...

Perhaps they will eventually put some pictures of the exhibition on the Web.

Mary said...

I don't think they will, I had a lot of trouble finding any links at all on the web. I only found this one after visiting the exhibition, on the catalogue.