Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nudes in art quilts

Our group in the Aus/NZ Art quilt group as been discussing the use of nudes in art, it arose out of another post from one of the members that mentioned and article in The Age about the Melbourne Craft Cartel, a group that call themselves 'craftivists', crafters and activists. Somehow the discussion has moved on to art and nudes and their appropriateness in quilts. I followed links mentioned by some of the members and found these amazing works.
This link is to some works that are adaptations of famous paintings. Beautiful.
This link is to an interview of one of the members, related to her winning quilt in a Tasmanian quilt show. I wish I could come up with such amazing work after attending a workshop!


parlance said...

I loved the stitching on the Van Gogh Starry Night quilt.

Mary said...

So do I, Parlance. I was also lucky enough to see the one the one of The Tempest at one of the recent Australian Quilt shows in recent years (the years are running together so much that I can't actually remember which year it was). It was even more beautiful close up.