Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pink quilts!

I don't usually wear pink and I rarely have it in my quilts. I used to go to patchwork and applique classes and the teacher there hated pink! So I was interested to see the 12x12 group's pink quilt exhibition. There are some lovely ideas there, some pinker than others.
I am also using this blog to see if I can get it to post at a date later than I am writing it - it is currently December 15th so I'll see if I can delay it till the 16th, I don't want to have to wait too long to see if it works!
I have realised - someone told me - that I have to click the Publish Post button to have it scheduled. I think I only save the draft last time. Time will tell if I have done it right.


theregatha said...

Congratulations the delay posting seems to have worked. I was put off pink by the whole gender neutral movement when I was much younger and more impressionable! Now I have become more independent I realise I missed out on a lot by excluding this whole area of colour from my life. However I am getting just a tad sick of pink being everywhere because it is now used as the logo for breast cancer fund raising. Perhaps I have gone from a gullible innocent to a grumpy old lady.

Mary said...

Theregatha, I hated black when I was young, I wouldn't even wear bright dresses that had black accents, let alone unrelieved black. I still don't like it alone but see its usefulness at a complement to other colours. I agree with you about colours being overused in some advertising campaigns.