Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Nine Pieces

Our tapestry weaving group got together today to put all nine pieces of the image together.

We had been given an image, a blown up copy in black and white and then a section of the image. We each wove our piece, with no definitive information about what colours to use, etc. The colour image was the source of our colour decisions and we all used wools from the Australian Tapestry Workshop.

It is interesting to see the interpretations put together. The colours all matched rather well.
Some of the pieces were slightly bigger than others and it is strange that the whole bottom row turned out to be this way.

Mine is the bottom left-hand corner and part of the image is the correct size, the other end bulged out a bit. Unfortunately, that is the bit that meets the other pieces, so it is rather obvious.
Not to worry, it was a great exercise and very enjoyable. And we have taken our pieces home again. We will see if an opportunity to show them together turns up.

You might notice that we laid out the small photos incorrectly. But the larger pieces were correct and worked quite well.

We were very pleased with the outcome!
Now we are thinking about what else we might do as a group to make us weave, to collaborate and to have fun. 

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