Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Setting up Holy Stitches

I have been helping to set up the Holy Stitches exhibition at the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria.

It has taken a couple of days to do the physical set-up and many hours of work beforehand, choosing the items, making up the catalogue, etc. Fortunately, I have only really been involved in the physical set-up, enough work for me.

There were so many items to choose from. It is not my sort of embroidery but the fineness of the works is amazing, as is the impressive gold work. I don't have to be a practitioner of the techniques to be inspired by the work.

Here are some pictures of the days of setting up.

Lots to choose from!

Sorting it into colour areas.

Getting there
The next log of images are from today - it took all day again, hence the need to take pictures when it was darker.

I seem to have focussed on lots of red pieces, there are plenty of other ecclesiastical colours.

I  am looking forward to the actual exhibition and hope we have lots of visitors.

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